Over 30 years of industry and 18 years of corporate experience collected by Bayhavuz Ltd., with experienced staff in both domestic and international projects designing, engineering, projecting, contracting, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, spare part and service issues, serves with an innovative perspective. With "Best Result" company policy, Bayhavuz is taking place in sector by aiming the customer satisfaction, ensuring full compliance with the requirements of the continuously updated market, will continue to contribute to the sector and the national economy. Pools which are closely related to Human Health and life Safety, manufacturing in accordance with standards is a technically and ethically an indispensable necessity. At fountains, swimming pools, water technology and construction sector Bayhavuz, which operates under the brand name "Aqua Aris" its main principle is customer satisfaction and creation of a healthy pool environment. With its large and experienced project staff serving at engineering, designing, contracting, manufacturing, import, export, wholesale, retail trade and in the spare part issues.