Besides architectural beauty of the fountains and the swimming pools, filtering, water disinfection, water heating systems and underwater lighting lamps, stainless steel ladder, accessories such as a water discharge pumps are that much important. That's why Bayhavuz Technical Project Team and Tema Project Team are working together and coordinatedly starting from design stage, applied until the end of the projects.

Bayhavuz Technical Project Team;

• Design of filling and discharging system with a standard mechanical installation of the pool.
• Calculating the pool water filtration system, preparation of the selection and placement plan.
• Selecting and projecting the water disinfection and Ph control system.
• Overflow grille detail, ladders, underwater lights, trampoline, water flow pump, defining swimming pool accessories such as swimlanes are detected, replacing to the pool plan.
• Determining the size of the machine room, balance tank, the size of the gallery.
• Drawing the plans and sections showing the coordinates, the size of the cavity, the size of the cavity and the holes released in the concrete bowl. And all of these operations plan, section, flow charts and drawing details of the installation process are prepared with great

Electrical Installation in the pools;

Very effective measures must be taken against electric leakage in the pools. One of the important points of the electrical installation is the electrical system in the pool exceeds 12 volts voltage. By a very good grounding line, all motors, cables and electrical devices must be connected to it. Transformers are secured with separate fuses.