In Turkey and abroad Bayhavuz signed many fountain projects whose purpose is designing and implementing functional, aesthetic, dynamic pools to make people enjoy their livings.

BayHavuz is sharing experience with their customers, takes the principle of completing every project with precision without compromising quality. Although fountains have different sizes, may also various types. To add motion to the water area of ponds and fountains can be made by waterfalls, gush outs from different points of the fountain, various thrills and visual richnesses can be participated by water curtains and also magical atmosphere can be created with colored lighting apparatus. Difference of our design philosophy is to evaluate the subject in artistic dimension.

As Bayhavuz, in different products such as fountains and artificial waterfalls, since we have started with quality products, smooth production slogan, we have the principle of "customer satisfaction". In domestic and abroad we have signed many different projets in many gardens, parks, public spaces, cafes, restaurants, hotels and in other areas.